Matt Adams

Welcome to Fight For Maryland! My name is Matt Adams and this website is ground zero for my campaign to educate the public about the political problems facing the Maryland Republican Party.

I am an eastern shoreman through and through, a proud Marylander and a practical conservative. I have traveled among you for over 10 years now as a central committee member from my cherished home of Somerset County. I volunteered to be secretary of my committee in 2010 and held that position until I was elected chairman in 2014. I was humbled when I was elected to 3rd vice-chair in 2018.

I have been involved at many levels with local, regional and statewide campaigns. It has been a pleasure to work on behalf of the campaigns of Eric Wargotz, Charles Lollar, Tony Campbell and most recently Jorge Delgado to name a few.

Winning is tough in Maryland but we must continue to fight the good fight. As Republicans in Maryland we have had some ups and many downs. The recent 2018 mid-term election dealt us significant painful blows across the state. While we re-elected a Governor many feel we have lost more ground than we've gained as a Party.

Now is the time to pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off and forge ahead with plans to do better in the future. To be successful combating socialism and liberalism we must first look inward and recognize our flaws before we can simply attack the flaws of our opponents.

I ran for 3rd vice-chair to make a difference and must report I have been unsuccessful at making ANY headway. Every attempt I made to do anything was thawrted by the powers that be (I'll explain this in greater detail over the coming weeks).  Bottom line, the work of the people is NOT being considered.  I have collaborators around the state ready to chip in and share the details, so STAY TUNED!

Working together we can WIN the #FightForMaryland!