Cecil County Swamp

A Presidential endorsement for a County Executive candidate in a Cecil County PRIMARY? 
You can't be serious?

It is obvious Andy Harris is a Swamp Creature of the first order. Andy and his power hungry wife along with their cohorts David Bossie, Dirk Haire and Nicolee Ambrose have run amok with the Presidential endorsement hoax.  What ever happened to neutrality during a primary? This unholy cabal must be thwarted if the democratic process of elections is to survive in Maryland.

It appears Dirk Haire is spending state party resources to sway the outcome of a primary which goes against the acceptable use of party resources. I encourage you to read the article below in the The Cecil Times by Nancy Schwerzler dated May 7, 2020 titled "Mrs. Hornberger County Exec Campaign Hits Husband's Political Pals for $; Biggest Donors, Bucks, Benefit from Kevin Hornberger Political Pressure" Thank You to the Cecil Times for exposing the outrageous activities of Andy Harris and is team of Swamp Rats

Remember you do have a choice on June 2nd to seek new leadership in Maryland's First Congressional District. I encourage EVERYONE to take a look at Jorge Delgado, it's definitely time for a change.

Cecil County Republican Central Committee lacks in...
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Wednesday, 21 April 2021

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