Cecil County Republican Central Committee lacks integrity

Ryan Farmer, a member of the Cecil County Republican Central Committee is a disgrace to the Republican Party and lacks any level of journalistic integrity. I will dissect the gross inaccuracies of his March 10, 2020 post on his poorly managed "News and Times" Blog. 

The post in question can be found here: https://www.newsandtimes.com/politics/2020/03/is-jorge-delgado-really-a-republican/

The post was recently updated with an editor's note that reads:

The below article exposed Jorge Delgado as a liberal infiltrator who was being funded by out of state Democrats to unseat one of President Donald Trump's most reliable congressmen. Among the devious and illegal activities Delgado indulged in was working with liberal anti-Trump RINO troll Matt Adams, the 3rd Vice Chair of the Maryland Republican Party. Adams, in a fake page called "Maryland for Trump," tried to endorse Delgado to mislead Trump supporters. We have long pointed out that the Maryland Republican Party has been run by liberal trolls, and we are glad that the President has stepped in to put an end to Adam's actions by demanding that Adams cease and desist in claiming to be connected to the president or having the ability to endorse on his behalf. You can read the letter from the president's campaign.

To clarify his blatant and continued misrepresentation of the facts, I have been a lifelong conservative. To call me a liberal is ludicrous. To call me anti-Trump is blasphemous. I operate Maryland for Trump and Trump Nation on Facebook and to call them fake is laughable. There is NOTHING on ANY of my Facebook or website presences that could be construed as liberal trolling. Ryan Farmer and Vincent Sammons are the only ones trolling the Maryland Republican Party. Dirk Haire, David Bossie and Andy Harris are the swamp rats running the MDGOP who hate the fact they can't control me or the Maryland for Trump Facebook page and it's 19k followers. They have coerced the Trump campaign into sending me completely unenforceable cease & desist letters in an attempt to intimidate me, but that is a different discussion for another day. Just know I WON'T be intimidated by ANYONE!

Now on to his original blog. The only accuracy in his content is the fact that Jorge Delgado is a young former congressional staffer and Andy Harris' record of a "do nothing" congressman is correct. Be reminded, many people disagreed with Harris' vote against H.R. 1327, the so-called 9/11 Victims Compensation fund. Not only was this a vote against the wishes of President Trump, Harris was only supported by a handful of other congressional members. What a great show of support by Andy Harris for President Trump and his agenda, right? Stay tuned for more information about the miserable record of Andy Harris and his other campaign finance debacles.

Now here is where amateur Farmer truly steps in it. If you take a look at Jorge Delgado's Campaign Finance Report the name David Rager is nowhere to be found. This initially questions whether Mr. Farmer even knows what he's looking at. 
See the full list of contributions in the spreadsheet below 

File Name: Delgado-Finance-Report
File Size: 29 kb
Download File

Now let's take a look at DAVID RADER. He has donated to Delgado for Congress.
See the details of his 3 contributions to Delgado for Congress in the spreadsheet below 

File Name: Rader-Delgado-Contributions
File Size: 11 kb
Download File

Now let's look at ALL of Mr. Rader's contributions. As unbelievable as it may sound, there are several David Rader's in the country. The David Rader residing in Arlington, VA is the contributor to Delgado for Congress. If you look at the spreadsheet you'll see Mr. Rader has supported multiple conservatives including President Trump to the sum of over $30k.
See his complete FEC Contributions list in the spreadsheet below

File Name: All-Rader-Contributions
File Size: 33 kb
Download File

Unfortunately, Mr. Farmer probably doesn't clear that much in a year polishing vegetables at the grocery store. How dare he misrepresent the record of a strong conservative like Mr. Rader, maybe they should just say "Thank You". 

…and you wonder why good people won't join the Republican Party and run. Shameful…

When this blog post was published the members of the Cecil County Republican Central Committee, the Chairmen of other Republican Central Committee's and Andy Harris' shills took to the internet to discredit good people for their own personal gain. EVERYONE should call on the Cecil County Republican Central Committee to rectify this terrible injustice. Share a complete retraction of this immoral and unethical misrepresentation of the facts and PUBLICLY apologize to Mr. Rader and Jorge Delgado with the same gusto they used to besmirch the reputation and integrity of these strong conservatives. Is this how we treat fellow conservatives?

I personally think this should bring into question the overall credibility of ANTHING coming from the Cecil County Republican Central Committee and it's members who were elected by YOU, the registered Republicans of Cecil County, to do your bidding in the Maryland Republican Party as well as Cecil County. When they misrepresent the facts like this they are failing to do the job you elected them to do. I hope you will join me in demanding better behavior of your elected party representatives.

Andy Harris and His Funny Money.
Cecil County Swamp

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