Andy Harris Failed Our Female Veterans

As we prepare to observe Memorial Day we are also nearing the much awaited June 2nd Maryland Primary. There are many issues at stake in every election but, on this solemn reminder of those who gave it all for our freedom, we must be reminded how important it is to take care of all our veterans.

Many families are proud of their sons and daughters who have served our nation to defend and preserve our freedom. President Trump has also worked tirelessly to rebuild our Veterans Administration to assure our veterans are afforded the best possible healthcare and other services. I believe we all recognize the importance of this mission.

In the 116th Congress H.R. 3224, The Deborah Sampson Act, was introduced in the House on June 12, 2019. This bill would require the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to ensure that gender-specific services are continuously available at every VA medical center and community-based outpatient clinic. Additionally, the VA must conduct a study, interviewing women veterans and employees, to assess the need for and use of extended hours as a means of reducing barriers to care.

Read H.R. 3224 in it's entirety below:

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Our daughters have proudly served our country and most definitely earned and deserve the most complete and proper healthcare available in return for their service. Don't you agree? Then why would a Naval Veteran and Congressman such as Andy Harris vote against this bill on November 12, 2019 with only 10 other members of Congress? Has he no respect for female veterans?

See the final vote counts for H.R. 3224 below:

File Name: Final-Vote-Results-for-Roll-Call-611
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I urge everyone who is a parent, spouse, child or friend of a proud female veteran of our great military to take this lack of support by Congressman Andy Harris into consideration before you cast your ballot. The plain ole exercise of rubber stamping do-nothing republicans every election must stop. There are alternatives within our party - you just have to look around. The members of our ALL Volunteer Military Force deserve better and we owe them a few extra minutes of our time to ensure we are electing the best people possible to support our great veterans.

Andy Harris and His Funny Money.

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Wednesday, 21 April 2021

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