Andy Harris and His Funny Money.

Everyone knows that money corrupts most people. The desire to build personal wealth with the least amount of required "sweat equity" can be as addictive as any narcotic. Daily, we watch politicians rise through the ranks with tales of how they truly want to "help us" but if you look closely, they actually climb the ladder to acquire more power which in turn allows them to grow their personal wealth. Unfortunately, in most cases "We the People" become less and less relevant the higher these scoundrels climb. There are VERY few statesmen left.

If you take a close look at Congressman Harris you can observe the above outline of political ascension firsthand as he worked his way from the Maryland Senate to the United States House of Representatives. Ironically, he's really not done anything of note in 10 years. His only sponsored bill that went anywhere was one to name a post office. He's earned over $1,500,000.00 in salary as a congressman and I never recall him even thanking us, the taxpayer, for the job.

Andy Harris has grown his power and can now be considered the godfather of the morally corrupt Maryland Republican Party for simply writing checks from his overflowing war chest which is constantly replenished by BIG Pharma. 

See the spreadsheet attached below:

File Name: FFM-Andy-to-MDGOP-FEC
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Andy has also used that slimy money to buy the control and unwavering support of the Republican Central Committees in his district and elsewhere (more on this will be coming soon in another article). He has used his money to fund and elect as many down ballot candidates as he can earning their unwavering support as well. I believe this called quid-pro-quo in many circles. I like to call it pay-to-play. Either way it doesn't work in YOUR best interest as constituents of the First Congressional District.

As the powerful grow more powerful they also grow more confident and look to push the limits of their improprieties. The following indiscretion really got my attention. It was confirmed to me, by a source that wishes to remain anonymous, how Andy Harris put demands on his contributions to the state party from 2015-2017. The MDGOP was in weak financial standing and needed some funding to keep the lights on. Andy Harris, as always, was in a position to be helpful and agreed to share some treasure from his war chest but added a catch this time: the MDGOP had to hire his then girlfriend, Nicole Beus, and her company Indy's Services. With no other remedy at hand, the state party contracted with Indy's Services and Andy Harris for Congress made donations as needed to fund her position -- always supplying a little extra for the state party's troubles. This financial quid-pro-quo was run through the MDGOP Federal Account and Indy's Services was paid from the same.

Some of you will recall a 2017 Ethics complaint filed against Andy Harris for failing to report Nicole's income and assets. Somehow the ethics board obviously never looked to see exactly where the money was coming from. Read the Washington Post Story 

I find it interesting that Andy Harris hired his future wife and started paying her company, Indy's Services, on October 27, 2014--only 2 short month's after the untimely death of his wife of 30 years, Sylvia "Cookie" Harris, who died on August 28, 2014. While I assert no improprieties, I do find this employment arrangement very questionable. Andy Harris paid his consultant/girlfriend/wife over $130,000.00 from October 27, 2014 through May 26, 2017.

See the spreadsheet attached below:

File Name: FFM-Andy-Indy-FEC
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The MDGOP also paid Harris' consultant/girlfriend/wife $55,000.00 from July 2, 2015 through December 15, 2017. These financial transactions have been labeled by some as "money laundering". You'll have to decide that for yourself.

See the spreadsheet attached below:

File Name: FFM-MDGOP-Andy-Indy-FEC
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Whatever you wish to call it, $185,000.00 is a huge economic windfall for an obscure, unknown political consultant with no political/media/financial background to speak of. Lastly, isn't it funny after the ethics complaint, Andy Harris now simply donates lump sums to the MDGOP State account. Why didn't he do it that way all along? Unfortunately, he continues to keep his thumb on the scale at the MDGOP.

See the spreadsheet attached below:

File Name: FFM-Andy-to-MDGOP-MDCRIS
File Size: 11 kb
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Is this the constitution of what so many call a "great representative" of the First Congressional District? I worked tirelessly over the years on the lower shore to elect and re-elect Andy Harris. All of us wore his shirts to events, put up signs and did everything we could to support this man. I thought he was honest and forthright. I never looked under the hood either. Boy, was I surprised when I took a minute to look. I encourage YOU now to look for yourself and not just assume things are as you perceive them to be.

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